【Rabbit island in Hiroshima】Let’s go to Rabbit Island(OokunoShima island) in Hiroshima!

うさぎの写真 大久野島 Hiroshima

Speaking of 『Rabbit island in Hiroshima』, it is a Ookuno Shima Island in Takehara City(大久野島:おおくのしま)

You know what, there are more than 1,000 rabbits in this island 😲❗️

You don’t need to care about the social distance because it’s outside.

If you are tired of dairy life, let’s go to the rabbit island and see them !

Rabbit Island in Hiroshima, Ookuno Shima Island

In this article, you can get the information about “how to get to the rabbit island” “spots inside the island” “what is the famous souvenirs” and so on. ✨

Before you go to the Rabbit Island …

First of all, I summarized the information you should know before you go to there.

The Rabbit Island is getting more and more famous, but it is still countryside and a paradise of rabbits. You cannot buy things there. You should read this parts carefully. 🚗

Things to bring

You should bring …

・Vegetables for rabbits
・Things such as Sunscreen(on Spring, Summer)
・Things to drink

In some case, it’s better to bring …

・Lunch or Camping goods
・Things to prepare for Hot spring / Sea bathing

Vegetables for Rabbits

Rabbits come to us because we have vegetables / feeds.

If you don’t have anything, they are not even approaching to us ;((

They are still wild rabbits, so they are beware with people 🐰

I recommend that you bring a whole carrots!🥕
A lot of rabbits come to us because of the size of feeds, and it is very cute to eat a whole carrots ❤️

Of course, you shuold bring cut vegetables as well because more rabbits can eat it.😁 Before you go to the island, stop by a supermarket and buy vegetables❗️

It took a big carrots !

※ If you forgot to buy vegetables…
You can buy few vegetables at the convenience store in front of the Tadano Umi Station (忠海駅).
Or you can buy feeds at the Tadano Umi port.

※ When you buy vegetables, Not choosing Cabbage 😞 Thay are not good at digesting cabbage.

Sunscreen & Things to Drink

You can walk around all Island, but it’s not so easy.

In addition to that, there are no convenience store or supermarket inside the Island. There is an only building to stay.(大久野島休暇村:Ookuno Shima Kyuuka Mura)

In summer, it is very hot, so please bring something to drink. ☀️

Lunch or Camping goods

If you come to the island at lunch time, I recommend that you bring lunch or BBQ sets.

There is no convenience store or restaurants. So bring sandwiches and eat under the blue sky 🙂

Or there are camping places, so reserve it and bring BBQ goods❗️

※ Actually there is a small cafe inside the building to stay, so if you are starving and don’t have anything to eat, go to the cafe and eat something 🙂

Prepare for Hotspring

Inside the building to stay, there is a Onsen (Hot spring) facilities.

If you would like to take a bath and experience Japanese hot spring, please prepare for that ♨️

Prepare for Sea bathing

In summer(July to August), you can swim at the beach!There are shower rooms and rockers.

The shop which is open only during summer sell food and drinks 🙂

You can get tents to cut the sun bright.

Let’s enjoy the summer at the beach⛱

Timetable of Ferry


Time table of Tadano Umi Port

There are only a ship an hour.

And also, it depends on time, but you may have to wait about two hours.… Check the Time Table and make a plan in advance.

There are rabbits, the building to stay, museum about poisonous gases and so on. However I think you can have about one hour if you come to see rabbits 🙂

How to Get to the Island? & a Map inside the island

Ookuno Shima Island is called “rabbit island” or “poisonous island,” and located at Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Address:Ookuno Shima Island, Tadano Umi Town, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

広島県 竹原市 忠海(ただのうみ)町 大久野島(おおくのしま)

How to get to the island

There is no bridge, so go to the island using ferry.

①🚞/🚗 on train/car JR Sanyo Honsen(JR山陽本線) the Tadano Umi Station(忠海駅)

②🚶‍♂️    To the ferry port from the Tadano Umi Station(3 mins.)

③⛴    To Ookuno Shima Island(15 mins.)

You can walk around inside the island, but if you like, you can rent a bicycle. 🚲

a Map inside the island

a map pdf(English)

There are

  • – some facilities for play (tennis court, and so on)
  • – museum and ruins about poisonous gases
  • -the observatory
  • and so on

Inside the rabbit island.

I would like to introduce them !

Facilities for play

sea (you can swim in summer)

The building to stay is named “Ookuno Shima Kyuuka Mura.(大久野島休暇村)”

If you are planning to use this place, you can use a free bus from the port to this building.

You contact to this building when you would like to use facilities such as this hotel, camping places, tennis courts, swimming in the ocean, pool, renting bicycles, and so on.

If you would like to stay at the island for a long time, you use this building❗️

Website:Ookuno Shima Kyuuka Mura (English)

Poisonous gases museum & ruins

ruins at the island

During WW2, Japanese army developed poisonous gases at this island.
(Therefore, this island is not existed on a Japanese map at that time. 😨)

They made a lot of victims while they experimented. To remember those dark history, they exhibit related things.

Also, there are ruins and batteries inside the island. They reminds us of the war.
If you are interested in it, it is better to rent a bicycle and go around the island.

The observatory

If you like hiking, I recommend you climb to the observatory.

You can go up even riding bicycles.

Find a island map, climb to the observatory, and look down all the rabbit islands 🗻

Attention:Rabbits are wild animals 😢

running to the hole

All rabbits inside the island are wild animals.

If a rabbit smells like humans, other rabbits left it out…

If a rabbit doesn’t beware with anything, it may be eaten by big birds or other animals…

There are a lot of dangerous because of humans who want to touch them or play with them.

To protect rabbits at the island, PLEASE read rules😇


・DO NOT throw away things. ❌

・DO ride bicycles only on the road permitted. 🚲 

・DO NOT bring your pets 🐶 🐱

・DO NOT bring rabbits living the island 🐰

・DO NOT leave your rabbits at the island 🐰

・DO NOT feed breads, chocolate, candies, and so on 🍫 🍭

・DO NOT try to catch rabbits or hug ❌
 (The rabbits cannot run because of the broken legs)
 (If you catch them, it makes the situation worse 😢)


Protect rules and have a happy holiday with rabbits ❤️

Souvenirs・Spots near the island

In the next part, I would like to introduce the famous souvenirs and places near the island❣️

Takehara City is not so famous with sightseeing spot, but actually it is historical & charming place❗️

Souvenir Shop

There is no shop you can buy souvenir inside the island😞

If you would like to buy or check souvenirs, you should check it at the Tadano Umi Port.🐰

You can see cups or charms illustrated rabbits.
You can also have food such as: ice cream and Octopus with seaweed.

The Gateway to Rabbit Island | Official Site
Fastest and most frequent access to Rabbit Island, the mysterious enclave of 1,000 rabbits off the coast of Hiroshima, Japan.

↑ Tadano Umi Port Website

Sight Seeing Place near the Isand

Walk along Historical Street from『Michi no Eki Takehara』

竹原 和風カフェ
Cafe “Ichi”

If you get there by car, you should go to the Michi no Eki Takehara , park your car and walk along the historical street.

Takehara City is famous for Historical Building.
Some houses manage cafe and souvenir shops not only for seeing.

Check the below link!

Takehara Hiroshima - Tourism Guide -
Takehara city is popular for its beautiful townscape. You can see the old houses of merchants who were leading makers of salt and sake about 350 years ago, as w...

Jam Factory:Aohata Jam Deck

Aohata is the most popular jam marker in Japan. Here is a factory of them!

It looks cute and makes us excited, isn’t it? ❤️

You can see inside of the factory and you can make your own jam! (reservation needed before one week)

Of course, you can buy jams!😇

This is Company Information of Aohata. We introduce our company to you.

Matoba Beach

Matoba beach

You can swim at the Matoba beach from July to August.

In other seasons, you can have fun at the beach 🌊

If you like fishing, you can do it here 🎣

If it is fine, you may see the islands and Shikoku❗️

We can enjoy at the beach with friends, familis, or lovers 💓

広島の王道からディープな観光スポット・体験まで2,300箇所以上を掲載! 何度でも訪れたくなる広島観光の多様な魅力を紹介します。

Takehara Museum

It’s not a big one, but there is a local museum.

They exhibts collections of Mr.Ikeda (was president from Takehara City), and local old works.

If you are interested in arts or Japanese local works, you can enjoy it ☺️

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You can get there for dating, with your family, friends, or even by yourself🐰 ❤️

Please don’t break rules for rabbits living at the island 🦸‍♀️

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