【Hiroshima・Sera City】In Autumn, Let’s go to see Cosmos & Dahlia flowers (Kozan Lavender Hill & Sera Plateau Farm)

コスモス Hiroshima

Hey guys!I’m Rin, and I manage this blog named【Eat, Play, Travel】

On 15th October, I went to Kozan Lavender Hill & Sera Plateau Farm🌸

I went there to see cosmos flowers, but they have also dahlia flowers.
They were veryyyyy beautiful, then, I would like to share it :))

In this article, I wrote about “Cosmos in Kozan Lavender Hill” and “Dahlia in Sera Plateau Farm.”

And also, I wrote about “how to get there,” “nice restaurants in Sera City” and so on.
You can check the part you are interested in !

Cosmos in Kozan Lavender Hill(香山ラベンダーの丘)

『Kozan Lavender Hillis a farm in Sera city.

Thay have not only lavenders but also many kinds of flowers including cosmos. 😌❤️


Open:April to October


Fee:Adults 700Yen, children 300Yen
  If you come here more than 15 people, you can get discount 10% OFF

HP:Kozan Lavender Farm Website(Only Japanese)

Seasonal Flowers

・April to May:Iceland Poppy

・June to July:Lavender


・September to October:Cosmos

TEL:0847 24 1108

Cosmos Festival


When you enter the farm, you can see cosmos !!!!!❤️❤️❤️

I went there on weekdays, so there are very few people, so it was really comfortable❗️

They held cosmos festival from the middle of September to October🌸

They call it “festival” but there are only cosmos flowers😇 There is no special stage performance nor anything.

You can come and have fun with your date, family, friend, or just yourself 🙂

I went there with my friend bringing camera, so we took a lot of photos and we played as models hehe😂❤️

You can take beautiful pictures like as mine!😉

cosmos with japanese girl

Dahlia in Sera Plateau Farm

『Sera Plateau Farm』is more popular for flowers❗️

I stop by there because we found some sings written「Dahlia Festival」☺️

It took about 10 minutes from『Kozan Lavender Hill』by car 🚗


Open:April to November


Fee:Adults 1000Yen、Children 500Yen
  If you have more than 15 people, you can get discount 10% OFF.

HP:Sera Plateau Farm Website(English)

TEL:0847 24 0014

Seasonal Flowers

・March to April:Sakura, Cherry blossoms

・April to May:Nemophila(Other place)

・April to May:Tulips

・May to July:Roses(Other place)


・September to November:Roses again(Other place)

・September to October:Dahlia & Garden Mum

Dahlia Festival


They say “Dahlia Festival” but they have also a lot of cosmos 😂

I followed signs weitten『Dahlia Festival』, then I finally fond a lot of Dahlia Flowers❣️❣️

This farm is huge. Soooooo Huge! haha

There were plenty of kinds of Dahlia flowers.

They wrote each name of Dahlia. It was very interesting❗️

I liked the Dahlia named『Unrequited Love』😇 Sounds sad and beautiful…

I hope you could find your favorite Dahlia!

orange dahlia
pink dahlia

Each Dahlia flower has a lot of petal. It looks very gorgeous💐

Dahlia Festival is better than I expected. I hope you can go to see them.

Hot to get Sera City

If you would like to go to Sera City, all you need is 『Car』🚗

You can get there by bus or train. But it was uncomfortable to move in Sera City…

If you cannot have / rent a car, You need to rent a taxi or bus all day😞

If you don’t have license, you can go there with your friends who have it !!

Rent Cars at Very Cheap Price Shops

If you rent cars, it sounds expensive.

But you can rent a car from 3,000 Yen a day❗️

The shops I know and used are named 「Niko Niko Rentacar(ニコニコレンタカー) 」「Gattsu Rentacar(ガッツレンタカー)」「100Yen Rentacar(100円レンタカー)」

They are very cheap but cars are old. If you want to use Car Navigation System, you need to pay more 500 yen… But If you don’t mind & use google map, it’s no problem❗️❗️

At this time, I used 「100円レンタカー」and rent a car for 10 hours.
I added one day insurance, and payed 4500Yen😇

You can check below website or just google “rent a car cheap”!

But If you don’t like old cars, and would like to use a new nice car, I recommend「Times Car Rental(タイムズカーレンタル)」「Nissan Rentacar(日産レンタカー)」「Toyota Rentacar(トヨタレンタカー)」

They are very popular. It takes about 6,000 Yen for 10 hours.

You can search it in detail by yourself😇

If you cannot use Car….

If you cannot use car, you have below options.😢

【To Get Sera City】

・「Hiroshima Bus Center(広島バスセンター)」to「Kozan(甲山)」By Bus 🚌 

・「Onomichi(尾道)」to「Kozan(甲山)」By Bus 🚌 

【Inside Sera City】

・Taxi all day 🚕 
 You can call and ask Bisan Taxi(備三タクシー)・Jumbo Taxi(ジャンボタクシー)

・Small bus all day 🚌 
 You can call and ask Sera Kotsu(世羅交通)

In addition to that, there are not so many buses. You should check the timetable in advance.

Or, If you use taxi all day, it costs a lot. You should consult with your money😌

Nice Restaurant in Sera City

If you go to Sera City by car, you would have lunch there😋

So, I would like to tell you some nice restaurants in Sera City!

Sela Plateau Farm Sera Beef Burger

Sera Beef Burger

If you like beef and burgers, you should eat【Sera burger】at「Sera Plateau Farm」and「Michi no Eki Sera」

They use Cows grown up in Sera Farm.🐄

They use not pate, but use baked beef🍔

It was very juicy and delicious◎

I sometimes come to Sera to eat this😂

You can see pictures here

pizza amore NAKADAYA


At this time I went to『pizza amore NAKADAYA』🍕

We could not reserve lunch menu, so we went there directly.

We had to wait 30 minutes but they sold out lunch menu😭

We ordered cheese pizza and pizza with slice pear.

Both of them have blue cheese, so it was very strong❗️

Actually I am not good at blue cheese but if you are cheeseholic, you would love it❤️

Website:pizza amore NAKADAYA ピッツアアモーレ仲田屋

cafe & bar pandy

Actually I wanted to go there, but they were temporary closed.😢

You can check information, their menus and nice pictures from below link 🍽

I really wanted to eat nice plate lunch set… I have to go to Sera again 😇

Other SightSeeing Spots

If you are not satisfied with only flowers, I would like to recommend other spots😇


Sera Hill Farmland Gelato Studio Donna

As they named, you can have fun with making & eat gelato, or riding horses, and BBQ🐄 🐎

You can feed horses, sheep, and goats as well ! If you have children, they would be happy❗️

And also, you can make popcorn and butter. It sounds interesting!

広島 親子おでかけ|おいしいスイーツ・体験学習|ジェラート工房ドナ
世羅町にあるジェラート工房ドナ(世羅高原ファームランド)では隣の牧場で搾ったばかりの新鮮なミルクで作ったこだわりのジェラート販売をしております!ふれあい乗馬やスイーツ(ジェラート)作り・バター作り、酪農体験学習も出来ますので広島での親子おでかけに是非!「酪農教育ファーム 」認定の牧場です。

Japanese Style Cafe Fukuchi Inn

You can have food and cafe here. This old house is built 170 years ago.

You can enjoy Japanese peaceful atmosphere 🙂

There are maple trees around the cafe, so if come here in Autumn, the sceney would be perfect…🍁

They recommends Ice Sweets. you can check menu below link.☺️

雪月風花 福智院

Ryugenji Temple Maple trees

You can see red maples here as well🍁 
Or if you come here in Spring, you can see Sakura; Cherry blossoms🌸

I am not good at history, but this temple is kind of famous one.

The scenery is very beautiful and many photographers come here to take pictures of maples.


道の駅 世羅

At last, speaking of Japanese countryside, it is “Michi no Eki”

Michi no Eki is located Japanese countryside, and they sell local foods and souvenirs.
They also have some events. You should stop by if you find it.

Let’s stop by here and check the new information about Sera☺️

You can have local food such as Sera Burger I introduced😋

Message from RiN

In this article, I introduced Sera City in Hiroshima. They have Cosmos & Dahlia.

If you like taking pictures, or If you are tried of busy town, you should come here and heal yourself🌸

In this blog, I write about “eat” “play” and “travel.”

I am happy if you could see other articles, Thank you!❤️

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