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Real estate near the university Hiroshima

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In this article, I introduce Information about Apartment for Students near The Hiroshima University.


In 1994, Hiroshima University moved from Hiroshima city to Saijo, Higashihiroshima City.
After that, it is called “solitary island”

However Saijo got new roads, new supermarkets, izakaya (Japanese bars), and so on.
Then, Saijo became a bright & lively town in the last 20 years.

In this article, we supply information about real estate for students who are thinking of living near Hiroshima University.

After you read this article, you will be familiar with Saijo, and never be betrayed by any real estate staff.

You can check indicate and see what you want to know!

Which area is comfortable to live, go to school, pay…

Before you beginning to look for an apartment, you need information about each area inside Saijo town.

In Saijo, there are the five areas which are called “Shitami”, “Central Saijo”, “Near Saijo Station”, “Jike” and “Taguchi.”

Let’s see the information one by one.

Shitami Area :下見(したみ)

This area is the nearest to the Hiroshima University, and most Japanese students live in this area.

※ Even if the apartments’ addresses has “Shitami,” some ones are not so near to the university. So before you decide, please check the address using Google Map!!

To Go To School:★★★★★
🚶‍♂️🚲:5〜15min by walking. If you have a bicycle, it’s convenient because the campus is large.

To Live:★★★★★
You can easily go to the convenient supermarket which is called “Youme Town.”
There are some convenient stores, restaurants, izakaya(Japanese bars), Karaoke, gyms, beauty salons, and do on.

The number of Students:★★★★★
When you walk around, you will meet some students.

House-rent Price :★★★
It costs 30,000~55,000YEN/month. If you can live the apartment not having auto-rock system and have a thin wall, you can live here around 30,000YEN

Central Siajo:西条中央(さいじょうちゅうおう)

This area is the middle of boulevard(ブールバール) which is the name of the big road.

There are not only apartments for students, but also houses for family.

This area is the middle between the Saijo Station and the University.😇

To Go To School:★★★
🚲 🛵 🚌:There is a big slope, so it is not easy to go using bicycles if you are not so powerful. You can use bus but it’s crowded when it’s rain. If you have a scooter or car, it’s comfortable here to live.

To Live:★★★★★
There is a supermarket which is named “Fresta.” There are some restaurants, convenient stores, another big supermarket which is named “Fuji Gurand,” and do-it-yourself-store, and so on.

The number of students:★★★
There are many students, and families.

House-rent Price :★★★
It costs 30,000~55,000YEN/month.

Near The Saijo Station:西条駅(さいじょうえき)

This is the near the saijo station. It is far from the University, and families live here.

Only few students live in this area. But if you live here, you can easily go to Saka-Gura Dori Street. 🍶

There are some restaurants and izakaya(Japanese bar), however it is more expensive than those near the university.👨‍💼 💰 👩‍💼

To Go To School:★
🚲 🛵 🚌:If you go by bicycle, you have to go along the big slope or long detour. It takes around 30 min. You can go using bus or car. If you frequently go to Hiroshima city using train, you can consider to live here.

To Live:★★★★★
You can go the bigger “Youme Town” supermarket. There are some restaurants, convenient stores, and Izakaya(Japanese bar). However they may be more expensive the ones are near the university.

The number of students:★
There are only few students, and many families.

House-rent Price:★★★
It costs about 30,000~45,000YEN/month.


You can have a good time & air with green rice field.
You can see a lot of stars at night. haha

In the summer, you can hear frog’s sounds, and there are many insects.
If you are country-side person, you can enjoy lives here.

There is the big and cheapest supermarket which is named “La Mu.”
You can go other stores which you don’t see near the university.

To Go To School:★★
🚲 🛵 🚗:There is no slope, so you can go by bicycles. But it’s not so near to the university then it’s hard when it’s rain. If you go by walkng, it takes 30-40min.

To Live:★★★★
The big and cheapest supermarket “La Mu” is open 24 hours. It’s very convenient. Near the “La Mu,” there is 100Yen shop.

The number of students:★★★
There are some students and families.

House-rent Price:★★★★
It costs 20,000~40,000YEN/month. This area is not so near to the university, so you can find some cheap apartments.


This area is the most undeveloped area. There are a small supermarket and a convenient store. You can find some old restaurants 😇

This area looks near to the university, but there are some big slopes, then it is difficult to go to school. You have no detour so you cannot escape this road.

To Go To School:★
🚲 🛵 🚗:There are big slopes, so using bicycles is not easy. There are no bus.
If you have scooters or cars, you can live here.

To Live:★
The supermarket is named “Shoji Taguchi shop.” And also there are some convenient stores. Most students go to supermarkets near the university, and go back home.

The number of students:★★
There are not so much students, but the rate of exchange students is high. If you would like to be friends of them, you can consider to live here!

House-rent Price:★★★★★
20,000~35,000YEN/month. The cheapest price inside Saijo maybe.

Real Estate Agency which many students use

I summarized real estate agency near the Hiroshima University.

After you got the speciality of each agency, you can choose one good for you!😌

Hiroshima University (Ikenoue Students’ Dormitory)

It’s not a real estate agency, but Hiroshima University has a dormitory near the university.

This dormitory cost very cheap, so you should apply lottery system.

You can check the condition here ❗️
(You can go Hiroshima Univresity’s HP by the link)

And also, Hiroshima university owns dormitory for only exchange students.
You can get more information from here❗️
(You can go Hiroshima University International Students’ Support HP by the link)


The number of Rooms:600 rooms

Agent Fee:Free

If you are interested in this dormitory, check from below link.

Hiroshima Univresity Ikenoue Students’ Dormitory

House-rent Price / month

type A:7,500YEN



Hiroshima University Cooperative -Apartment Service Counter-

Hiroshima University Cooperative (called “Coop.“) manage an apartment service counter.

Coop.’s apartments are cheap, and agent fee is not expensive. 😁

However if you can speak only English, it may be difficult to communicate.


The number of Rooms:2500 rooms

Agent Fee:0 ~ half month’s house-rent fee

Only Hiroshima University’s students can use this agency.

You can search apartment on website. (below link)

Hiroshima University Coop. [Web search] only in Japanese.

Apaman Shop:アパマンショップ

From February to April, staffs of apaman shop are standing outside and having blue big sign written “Apaman Shop.”

They have a lot of apartments including dormitory for students (with breakfast & dinner).

4 shops near the Hiroshima University.


The agent fee:need to ask staff

Search on website:Impossible. You have to ask them directly.

HP:Apaman shop in English


Home mate:ホームメイト

“Home mate” is the next to Apaman shop in front of the Hiroshima University.
They have a big pink colored sing.

They serve online services. You don’t need to come to Saijo.


The agent fee:need to ask staff

Search on website:△ You can ask them on website.

HP:Home mate English Information



Eiburu also has a shop in front of the Hiroshima University.

You can search apartments on website❗️
You can contact them after you search apartments.


The agent fee:half of House-rent fee

Other fee:need to ask staff

Search on website:possible. Search “Near the Saijo Station” on bellow link.

HP:Eiburu English Counter

HP:エイブル (You can search by『西条駅 : Saijo Station』)

Other Website to Search Apartments

You can check and search apartments by website such as: “SUMO” and “HOMES.”

It may be difficult to search the best apartment for you if you are not familiar with Saijo town. However you can search by address such as: Shitami, Saijo-towm Shitami, Central Saijo, Taguchi, Jike…😌

After you find some good places, check the actual place using Google Map, and contact the agent❗️



Get more information & Get more discount

If you search apartments on websites, It says “30,000YEN/month”, however, after you estimate actual fee, it costs 70,000YEN…

Why is this? I would like to tell you Japanese House-Rental Fee Rules.

Sometimes you can get discount if you negotiate with staffs or owners.

Let’s study words and let’s get discount! ❤️

Words, Meanings, and How to get discount

敷金しききん:Deposit. Cleaning and maintenance fees will be deducted when leaving the property. The remainder will be returned to you.(Equivalent to 1-2 month’s rent. But if you negotiate with staffs, they may give you discount.)

礼金れいきん:Thanks Fee for Owner. The fee for owner to show your thanks. You won’t get back. (If you negotiate with staffs, they may give you discount.)

賃料ちんりょう:House-rent fee for one month. Ask the agent staff to ask the owner if they can give you discount or not. The owner will decide it (Not the agency).

共益費きょうえきひ:This fee is for lights, maintenance fees of corridor, steps, and so on. Ask the agent staff to ask the owner if they can give you discount or not. The owner will decide it (Not the agency).

保険会社加入料ほけんがいしゃかにゅうりょう:To join insurance company’s plan. Insurance company will pay instead for you when you have some troubles with apartment for example, inundate water on floor. You have to join this, but sometimes the agency lie and try get more money. You have to ask some agent companies. Usually it costs 50% of House-rent fee.

仲介手数料ちゅうかいてすうりょう:The agent fee. After you contract with agency, you pay this fee to the agency. You have to ask some agent companies. Usually you pay around 50% of House-rent fee. Some agencies don’t take this fee.

害虫駆除費がいちゅうくじょひ室内消毒しつないしょうどく:Fee for cleaning. Some agent companies don’t clean but write this and take money. 😬 You have to check and ask them what they are doing. After you hear the contents & you feel it is not necessary, you can reject it.

火災保険かさいほけん:To join insurance company’s plan. Only in the case of fire trouble 🔥 If you feel it is expensive, you can search cheeper insurance company by yourself. The agency does not have a right of choosing insurance company. But you have to join it.

鍵交換費用かぎこうかんひよう:Fees for changing keys. If it is expensive, you can search cheeper company by your self. Usually it cost 10,000YEN.

Others:If your bills contain書類作成費しょるいさくせいひ」「簡易消化器かんいしょうかき」「害虫駆除費がいちゅうくじょひ抗菌こうきん室内消毒しつないしょうどく」「安心入居あんしんにゅうきょサポート」, you should ask the contents. If you feel it is not necessary, you can reject it.

  The information source here. Sorry but this is only in Japanese ;( ▶️ 第135回【10万円以上安くできる】賃貸物件をお得に借りるテクニックまとめ【保存版】【お金の勉強 初級編】

F&A(If you have more questions, please leave comment❤️)

Q. I’m not sure which agency is the best for me… 😢

A. You have to ask and visit some agencies to check which one is cheap and good.

The agent fee, thanks fee for owner, and deposit is not the same among agencies. 😇

Q. How to select a good room for me??

You should check the House-rent fee, the place, the distance from the university & the station, new or old, security system, layout and so on.

I’ll tell you the name of Japanese Room Layout

1R:one room with kitchen.

1K:one room and one another kitchen area.

2DK:2 rooms, dining room, and kitchen.

3LDK:3 rooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Q. Do I really need to visit the room to see??

A. If you can, you should do it !

You will never know if it is big or small, how much sun lights you can get, and other around environments.

Q. Do I need previous apply or pay money before actual contracts?

A. No. When you visit room to see before you contract, staffs may ask you to sign the previous application or pay money to keep the room.

However, you cannot change the agency after you sign. (They would say that you can change the agency or you can get back your money if you like. However it is not easy actually.)

If you don’t want to have any trouble, you should not pay money or sign before you contract.💡

Q. What should I bring / What should I care about when I contract??

When you contract…

you should bring: ID cards, stamp if you have, money to contract, and so on.

you should care about: the contents of the paper, the date you will move, the date you will pay the House-rent fee, what you cannot do inside the room, the day to throw away garbage.

Q. Do they have parking area?

A. It depends on the apartment. You should ask the agency.

If you would like to use the parking are, you should ask and get permission by the owner.

Q. Do they have any ghosts? 😱 👻

A. I don’ know haha.

If you are interested/worried about it, you should search by “東広島ひがしひろしま事故物件じこぶっけん“….. 💦

Q. When should I start to look for the room?

A. If you enter the university on April…

January:Students start to ask the agencies. You may can use a reservation before you pass the university. 😊

February:Most students ask the agencies. The agency are very busy. 😓

March:Many students have already contracted. You have less choices. 😢

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