【Saijo・Horoshima】Vietnamese Supermarket named “Cô Ba Quán”

Co Ba Quan店内 Eating

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If you …

✅ are living in Saijo, Hiagshihiroshima City,

✅ love South eastern Asian food,

✅ and are looking for a place you can buy Vietnamese products,

I recommend you that you come to “Cô Ba Quán” at Jike, Saijo Town.👍

You can get information about “Cô Ba Quán” Supermarket❣️❣️❣️

Vietnamese Supermarket named “Cô Ba Quán”

Co Ba Quan 外観
Co Ba Quan 立て看板

Cô Ba Quán” is the only Vietnamese Grocery in Saijo, and they just opened November in 2020.

They sell not only Vietnamese things but also other south eastern asian products.

Cô Ba Quán” means “Ms. Ba Quan” in Vietnamese.
We guess it is the name of the cute Vietnamese owner 🙆‍♀️

Cô Ba Quán

URL:Facebook Page
Opening Date:Sunday to Saturday
Opening Time:9:00〜21:00
Tel:080 9797 6268
Address:7397-1, Jike, Saijo Town, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Inside the shop

Co Ba Quan店内
Many products from oversea
Co Ba Quan店内
Pho Noodles!!

When I enter the shop, the cute owner spoke to me.👩

She thought I was Vietnamese, then she spoke in Vietnamese … 🇻🇳

After she realized that I am Japanese, she started to talk in fluent English & Japanese.

The shop is not large, but there were a lot of kinds of foreign countries’ products.

I felt that I was in Vietnam🇻🇳❗️

Co Ba Quan店内
Vietnamese Juice
Vietnamese Coffee

They have Pho Noodles, Korean Cup Noodles, Ingredients of Vietnamese food such as Raw Spring Rolls, Pho, Hot Pot and so on…

They also have something we rarely see in Japan, for example, Frog, Duck, Snake, and so on…😂

I was really excited because we don’t see them in Japan!

What I bought today

Pho & Vietnamese Coffee

I bought these Pho noodle & Vietnamese Coffee.☕️💓

The Pho noodle costs only 110 yen, and coffee is 750 yen❗️

These are the exactly same as the one what I bought in Vietnam 😳✨

I would like to buy Frog and cook Hot Pot next time🐸🍲

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✅ “Cô Ba Quán” where you can get Vietnamese products in Saijo
✅ Inside of “Cô Ba Quán” shop
✅ What I bought at “Cô Ba Quán

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