【Hiroshima・Saijo】The nearest Italian restaurant from Hiroshima University. “Pasta amare.”

アマーレ・外観 Eating

Hey guys!I’m Rin, and I manage this blog named【Eat, Play, Travel】

In this article, I introduce an Italian restaurant near the Hiroshima University 🇮🇹 .

The restaurant is called “Pasta Amare.”

About Pasta Amare

You can go to Pasta Amare by 5 min walking from the Hiroshima University. 🚶‍♂️

This restaurant serves “Row Noodle Pasta.”

Pasta Amare looks nice, and atmosphere is very stylish. ❤️

※ I think here is very good for usual lunch & dinner 🍽
 Not for special dinner or something like that. haha 😌

Various menu❤️

pasta, amare
soup pasta
nuts cake, pasta amare
nuts cake

They have pasta, pizza, curry, Japanese Hamburg, Japanese Omelette rice, pilaf, doria, risotto, and so on…. Too much kinds of menus to choose 🍕 🍝

Especially speaking of Pasta, they have some kinds of pasta in each style of pasta 😂
For example, they have Tomato sauce, Japanese soy sauce , cream, soup style.

In addition to that, they have a lot of kinds of desserts 🍨 🍮 🧁

During lunch time, they serve good price linch set 💓

During weekdays , you can have lunch set including main dish, bread, salad, and drinks. (It costs just around 1,000 Yen 👀❗️)

You really need to visit here during lunch time 😆

I felt that one dish had a good amount 🙂

You can also use this restaurant when you held a party.

They serve “Party Courses” as well. It costs 3,000 yen / person, and it contains courses and 2 hours drinks.😳 🍻

If you would like to have a party here, you should reserve in advance 🙂

Get Official App, Get Discount

Pasta amare Official App

If you often visit Pasta Amare, you had better install the official app.

You can get a cake for free !! (Only Once)

And also, you can ged 200Yen Discount Coupon!! (You can use it 12 times)✨✨

cake present, coupon, pasta amare
Cake Present
200yen off coupon, pasta amare
200yen Off coupon

You have to register in advance, but it is very easy and of course it’s free.

You should check it now please❗️😉


Name:パスタ・アマーレ(Pasta amare)

Time:[Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday] 11:00-22:00

    [Friday, Saturday, the day before the holiday]11:00-22:30

Date:Every day

Phone:082 421 8498

Address:5-8-20, Saijo Shitami, Higashi Hiroshima City

Message from Rin

I introduced “Pasta Amare” today. It is an Italian restaurant which every Hiroshima University student come more than once.

In this blog, I write about “eat” “play” and “travel.”

I am happy if you could see other articles, Thank you!❤️

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